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As a former professional pet sitter myself, I can without doubt or reservation, recommend Liz and her staff to care for your four legged loved ones. With four Border Collies, two cats and two guinea pigs, our vacations away from home were major considerations. Thankfully, we found Liz in 2003 and we were able to relax and enjoy our trips without any undue worries or concerns for our pets. The assurance that we would return to our home in the same condition we left it, along with safe and healthy animals eagerly awaiting our return made it so much more practical to hire Precious Pets and we have vowed to keep our animals in the comfort and security of home any time we have need to be away.  Our family has since relocated to Spotsylvania County and I can say without a doubt that our only regret in moving south has been losing Liz!  I recommend Liz without any reservation for the care of your pets! Thank you, Liz!! Laura Roberts, R Half Pint Farm, Spotsylvania, VA

"Our Guardian Angel" Twice now while I've been on vacation in South Carolina, the same week every year, Liz and her staff have had to go above and beyond in the care of my girl, Scruffy. As one of Precious Pets initial customers I do believe that my girl has a special place in everyone's heart and this year I appreciated like no other time. Scruffy decided that the carpet looked good to eat and ingested a "string" over 3 feet in length. As soon as her distress was noted she was whisked away to her vet and eventually had to be taken to a specialty, 24 hour facility, in Springfield for overnight observation and potential surgery. I am happy to report that Scruff managed to rid herself of the yarn and with IV fluids has recovered completely. It was only the knowledge that "Our Guardian Angel Liz was taking care of her that kept me from jumping on that plane. I am forever grateful to Liz and Maiti. Please do not hesitate to contact me for referrals for Liz and her staff. I have referred several friends who are always pleased with the care. Robin

Liz has taken care of our 4 cats for the past 2 years.  All of our cats are rescue cats (from Siamese Rescue - please go visit them at www.siameserescue.org and give someone needy a home, or maybe help them out financially!), and 2 of the 4 have issues from past abuse.  Liz UNDERSTANDS animals, and connects with each of our cats in a perfectly wonderful way!  It is absolutely obvious that she cares for each cat's feelings, and it is amazing how quickly each bonded with her.  I can go away from time to time and know that they are perfectly happy, so I don't suffer the torments of guilt wondering if my guys are feeling abandoned.  I have absolute confidence and trust in Liz - and more importantly, so do my four cats!  - Pam Agnew, and Peter, Naomi, Phoebe, and Zeke

Liz has walked my dog, Treuer, for several years now and I can honestly state, that I do not believe you could ever find a better, more caring person than she as been.  I know her to be both dependable and reliable in meeting my pet's needs.  Liz builds a unique and special relationship with each and every pet that she cares for.  It's something that you come to recognize when you watch her interact with your pet.  We all search for our true niche in life, I believe that through Precious Pets, Liz Patterson has found her's. Sincerely, Duane Thaxton

We recently moved from Woodbridge to Alexandria, and the hardest thing about the move was saying goodbye to Liz. Liz has been walking our own "precious pet," a golden retriever named Maggie, since Maggie was only 3 months old. When I had to tear myself away from Maggie in the mornings to go to work, I always took special comfort in knowing that Liz would be there to take care of her during the day. Liz consistently went above and beyond for us - always patient with our ever-changing schedules, leaving treasured notes about her visits with Maggie for us to enjoy when we arrived home from work, offering words of advice on training or feeding when we needed it most. I would recommend Liz and Precious Pets without reservation, and would gladly place any of my dear pets in their trust.

Colleen Eddy

Our two Boston terriers, Miss Rudy and Yuri have been fortunate to have Liz and Betty as their daily dog walkers. Liz and Betty started with us over a year and half ago when our first BT Miss Rudy came to us as a seven week pup.  Miss Rudy was quite sick early on.  As Miss Rudy was recovering, my husband and I were faced with the decision of what to do with this pup needing daily walking plus a feeding noon time.  We found Liz and Betty.  What a great find for us and our dog!  Liz and Betty were welcomed with open arms by us and Miss Rudy.  As the months progressed, Miss Rudy grew and prospered under their daily care. There was a sense of trust that my husband and I had to have strangers come to our home and entrust them with our dog.  Soon, my husband and I decided to add a second BT. Yuri arrived one hot weekend in June by airplane from Texas.  That afternoon, Liz and Betty came to greet Yuri.  As the story closes, Yuri has enjoyed both people walking him and his adopted sister each day.  This serves as a testimonial to the excellent service provided by Liz and Betty.  Please do not hesitate to use their service. Our dogs love them. Thanks Liz and Betty.

Sincerely, Chris, Rosemary Garrett, Miss Rudy, Yuri

I have known Liz for a year now and she is the warmest, nicest and most knowledgeable pet care provider I've ever met. I've employed Liz for in-home sitting and daily walks, and I go to work or on vacation with total peace of mind. I have called Liz at the eleventh hour, and as busy as she is she always takes care of my requests---Liz takes it all in Stride!  My precious pet Barbie is blind in one eye so she's very timid and reserved around people---she took to Liz like she had known her for years---dogs know good people! Liz has also helped me to understand my dog's disability and that adds quality to her life.  As far as I'm concerned, there's no one better for pet care service than Precious Pets. Thanks Liz and Betty. Sincerely, Cheryl and Barbie Eaton

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