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Liz Patterson, Owner

Liz was born loving animals. One of her earliest encounters with dogs was a very slobbery boxer who watched over her as an infant. Though she spent many years in the telecommunications industry as an operations specialist and training coordinator, she currently has thirty plus years of experience working with animals. Liz has been active in cat and dog rescue since the early seventies and has even worked for the Fairfax County Department of Animal Control. She became a wildlife volunteer and has helped rescue and place many creatures, from cats and dogs to birds and reptiles. Her first German Shepherd (Gertrude) excited her interest in dog obedience training.


Cindy Cindy  Cindy grew up in Northwestern Pennsylvania.  From a very early age, Cindy played with her pets ranging from dogs, cats, chickens, ducks and rabbits.  Daily she would walk her purebred collie and a bird dog.  Cindy enjoyed her animals more than dolls. While raising four children, Cindy has owned several cats along with fish, gerbils, birds and hamsters.  She still has an aquarium and a goldfish pond.  Cindy hasn't met many pets she doesn't love and considers them God's gift from heaven!
Frauke, Mishko & Chance Frauke  My family has seven members, three 2-legged (my husband, my daughter and myself) and four 4-legged (Kasper and Cleo the kitties) and Mishko (Shepherd mix) and Chance (Beagle mix). I enjoy an active lifestyle that includes taking our dogs for long walks. I have been working for Liz since the spring of 2006 and am very lucky that I am able to spend my days with lots of furry friends as well as getting fresh air at the same time.
Kelli, Sallie, Tillie, Guiny, Arthur, Kaelan, Elliot & Olliver Kelli Kelli's love for animals started at a very young age, on her grandparents' farms in Kansas and Nebraska, where she fed and cared for the barn cats and walked with the German Shepard and Collies while they were herding livestock. She and her grandma rescued bunnies after a predator attacked.  Later, she tried her hand at leash-walking the dogs, who had never been on a leash before. It was clear to her entire family that she would always be closely connected with the animals around her.  At the age of ten she adopted her first dog, a Brittany Spaniel named Freckles, and played a large role in his training and care, including helping to control his seizures.  After she moved to the Washington, D.C. area she worked as a nanny for families that included dogs and cats. She gained a reputation as an excellent animal caregiver, spending many weekends pet-sitting for neighbors.
Lisa with client dog Bailey Lisa  As long as I can remember, I have always loved and been fascinated by animals. I love how sweet and affectionate they can be. They seem to be in tune with our feelings and are always ready to lend a "furry shoulder" for us to lean on when we need one. They have no preconceived notions or prejudices. And they couldn't care less if we are having a particularly bad hair day!  I had the privilege to share my life with two wonderful dogs and four very special cats while I was growing up. Unfortunately, I do not have any animals living with me at the moment. But working for a pet sitting business like Precious Pets has given me the opportunity to make new furry friends...how many people can say that they genuinely like their jobs and are excited to get to work?


Maiti  My love for animals goes way back to when my three siblings and I were toddlers.  Our first dog was a Chow and he was very protective of us when we went to the park with our nanny.  When he died of old age my mother started breeding Standard Poodles.  She taught us how to care for the puppies and what to do in case of an emergency when she wasnít present.  For many years Iíve lived with a Siamese and two Persians.  At present I have a Tonkinese and two rescue cats.

Sandra & Possum Sandra I have always been an animal lover.  Since the day I was born I grew up with many animals - cats, dogs, cows, horses and chickens.  I have worked at five different animal hospitals and enjoyed every one.  I have also trained horses and they have trained me.  I now find total happiness in pet sitting and walking dogs.



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