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Liz Patterson, Owner

Liz was born loving animals. One of her earliest memories was the drooling boxer who watched over her as an infant. Although she spent many years in the telecommunications industry, Liz realized she was happier around animals. For 35+ years now Liz has been working with animals. She has been active in cat and dog rescue since the early 70s and has worked for the Fairfax County Department of Animal Control. She became a wildlife volunteer and helped rescue and place many creatures from cats and dogs to birds and reptiles.

Her first German Shepherd excited her interest in dog obedience training. Now her life revolves around her current Jack Russell Terriers, Joya and Easy. Since 1998 she and her terriers have been competing at JRTCA terrier trials and racing in exhibitions at fairs and horse shows. Her dogs Liz, Arthur & Tilliehave made mom proud by winning lots of ribbons and even appearing on the George Michael Sports Machine. Her dogs have won many ribbons and regularly appeared on the George Michael Sports Machine. In addition to racing, her dogs also enjoy “Go to Ground” (an earth dog activity), Lure Coursing, Thunder Tunnel, Trailing and Locating, Brush Hunt, and Agility.

To provide better health for her own dogs and to provide a valued service to her clients, Liz has done extensive research on feline and canine nutrition. She is happy to share that knowledge with interested clients. She also has a certificate from the American Red Cross in basic First Aid.

Liz opened Precious Pets to help fellow pet lovers give their animals the best possible care when the owners could not be home with them. The name Precious Pets reflects Liz’s belief that all pets, no matter the type, are precious to their owners.

Swagger, Arthur & Joya


Liz, Swagger, Arthur & Joya


Liz, Swagger, Arthur & Joya


Joya & Jazzi


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